Hi, I'm Thierry Nilles.
I make stuff on the www.

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October 2012 — January 2014

Built the web application frontend, using Javascript with AngularJS framework and HTML5 (audio, video, canvas, etc.). Brought innovative contributions to a fast paced start- up environment. Worked well independently and with three people on various topics: API, design, UX.


http://gastronomiz.com (fr)

March 2012 — May 2012

Created Gastronomiz’s web store using Prestashop and configured the Wordpress blog. Assisted a designer in order to integrate his work. Met strict deadline to release the website for this company which now has over 3000 recurring customers.



May 2011 — September 2012

Indenpendently designed and implemented the administration of the mobile application with Ruby on Rails, used for verifying and approving user inputs. Worked with the Chief Technical Officer on the store’s geolocalization database. Set up the commercial website using PHP and Javascript.

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